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Children's Internet Safety

By danielelv - Posted on 19 January 2010

 The project aims to enhance the privacy of children who access the Internet and other communication technologies by developing new training tools for children, their parents, their teachers and service providers. The project is linked to the strengthening of the privacy of children, which is one of the priorities of the specific program "Fundamental Rights and Citizenship."

The use of the Internet and other modern communication technologies are rapidly increasing among young people. Studies conducted by the OECD and other research reveal abuse of the privacy of children using the Internet and other communication technologies, such as the violation of children's privacy by collecting information without parental consent, illegal use of personal data like photos and videos for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Recent years have also revealed several new risks related to social networking.

The project aims at an  innovative, original and specific development based on previous experience, by promoting research and a "Manual of Needs" that are clearly identified by the target groups: children, teachers, parents and service providers.

The project will combine a variety of innovative measures: video, print materials, video conferences, roundtables and radio coverage in order to reach the target groups to increase their knowledge and skills.

 The project will develop long-term cooperation at the national and European levels between NGOs, public institutions and service providers who educate on children's privacy.